Fujifilm has worked with Mack World Wide Warranty for over 30yrs. It is because of this relationship that we can offer these Extended Warranties to our employees at very low prices compared to other companies like Square Trade.

Extended Warranty Service Program

Fujifilm Terms & Conditions

All extended warranties are offered by FUJIFILM North America Corporation's (Fujifilm) third party extended warranty service provider, Mack Warranty. Fujifilm merely markets the Mack Warranty extended warranty service as a courtesy to loyal Fujifilm consumers. Any determination to purchase a Mack Warranty extended warranty service plan should be made only after careful consideration by the consumer of his / her specific circumstances, and only after review of the Mack Warranty terms.

• Upon your purchase of a Mack Warranty Extended Warranty Plan, Fujifilm will provide you with a Mack Warranty extended warranty registration card and other Mack Warranty instructions and materials relating to your extended warranty service. You will be responsible to follow the instructions to properly activate (and continue to maintain) your extended warranty. Any questions relating to your extended warranty activation or service should be directed to Mack Warranty at the contact number / information provided on the materials provided.

• Mack Warranty is the sole party responsible for providing extended warranty service. Any and all issues with any extended warranty service plan purchased, or with extended warranty service, are to be directed solely to Mack Warranty for resolution. Fujifilm disclaims all liability and responsibility for any extended warranty purchased under this Extended Warranty Service Program. As noted above, the Extended Warranty Service Program is marketed by Fujifilm merely as a courtesy to Fujifilm consumers.